Track Categories

The track category is the heading under which your abstract will be reviewed and later published in the conference printed matters if accepted. During the submission process, you will be asked to select one track category for your abstract.

Nano Science is an innovation which is co-ordinated at the Nanoscale. It is the applications and study related with famously little things that can be utilized around the various fields of science, similar to science, science, material science, designing and Materials sciences. These particles tend to control separate iotas and atoms. Nanotechnology has enormous prospects to give innovative answers for some issues in science, vitality, material science, natural and medicinal fields.


  • Track 1-1Materiomics
  • Track 1-2Atomic Physics
  • Track 1-3Engineering applications of materials
  • Track 1-4Teaching and technology transfer in materials science
  • Track 1-5Synthesis of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
  • Track 1-6Applications of nanotechnology
  • Track 1-7 Nanotechnology for Controlled Release
  • Track 1-8 Nanostructured Metals: Manufacturing and Modeling
  • Track 1-9Exposure Scenarios
  • Track 1-10Nano Magnetics
  • Track 1-11Nanospinitronics
  • Track 1-12Biogenic Nanoparticles
  • Track 1-13Nonlinear Optical Microscopy
  • Track 1-14Quantum Field Model for Graphene Magnetism

The association of nanoparticles in a thin film shape is routinely essential to render these utilitarian and operational. Two basic engineered techniques. One is high-temperature warm breaking down and second is liquid interface reaction, sensible for arranging motion pictures of various metal and metal oxide nanoparticles. Besides, the utilization of a high-essentialness ball handling and begin plasma sintering process for the game plan and planning of nanocomposite powders into mass magnets are also featured.


  • Track 2-1Shape-Controlled Synthesis
  • Track 2-2Characterization and Optical Properties of Silver Nanostructures
  • Track 2-3Nanostructured Materials
  • Track 2-4Size Dependence of Properties
  • Track 2-5Microscopy and Spectroscopic Methods of Measurement at the Nanoscale
  • Track 2-6Nano Particles
  • Track 2-7Nanomaterials Manufacturing Technologies
  • Track 2-8Applications of Nano materials and Devices

The interdisciplinary field of materials science, in like manner by and large named materials science and building, incorporates the disclosure and framework of new materials, with a complement on solids. The insightful wellsprings of materials science begin from the Enlightenment when examiners began to use consistent thinking from science, physical science, and structuring to grasp old-fashioned, phenomenological recognitions in metallurgy and mineralogy. Materials science still combines segments of material science, science, and planning. In that limit, the field was for a long while considered by insightful foundations as a sub-field of these related fields. Beginning in the 11040s, materials science began to be even more commonly seen as a specific and unquestionable field of science and building, and critical particular universities around the world made submitted schools of the examination. Materials science is a syncretic control hybridizing metallurgy, ceramic generation, solid state physical science, and science. It is the essential instance of another insightful request ascending by mix instead of part.Computational Materials Science.

  • Track 3-1Atomic Physics
  • Track 3-2Engineering applications of materials
  • Track 3-3Forensic engineering
  • Track 3-4Tribology
  • Track 3-5Emerging materials and applications
  • Track 3-6Platform for comprehensive projects
  • Track 3-7Research support
  • Track 3-8Global materials science market
  • Track 3-9Teaching and technology transfer in materials science
  • Track 3-10Products and Services
  • Track 3-11Quantum Physics

Nano prescription is the use of innovation to do everything from medication conveyance to fixing of cells. It is the use of minor machines to the treatment and counteractive action of sickness. Nano robots are headways in Nano drug as small specialists. These machines help fix harmed cells they reproduce themselves, right hereditary inadequacies by supplanting or adjusting DNA atoms. For instance fake antibodies, antiviral, Nano robots, fake white and red Blood cells. These Nano machines could influence the conduct of individual cells. Hormones or Dispense sedates as required in individuals with insufficiency states or perpetual unevenness can be tackled utilizing embedded Nanotechnology gadgets.


  • Track 4-1Regenerative Medicine
  • Track 4-2Drug Delivery
  • Track 4-3Biocompatibility
  • Track 4-4Sensing
  • Track 4-5Nanomedicine in Theranostics
  • Track 4-6Nano Imaging
  • Track 4-7Medical Devices
  • Track 4-8Blood Purification
  • Track 4-9Cancer Treatment
  • Track 4-10Personalized Nano medicine
  • Track 4-11Regenerative Medicine
  • Track 4-12Dentifrobots

Nanotechnology is the science which deals with the methodology that occur at atomic level and of nanolength scale estimate. The genuine examinations in the nanotechnology consolidate nanosized particles, their ability and lead with respect to various structures. The gigantic limits of nanoparticles have changed the perspective and degree of nanotechnology towards progress into an adjuvant field for the remainder of the fields of life sciences. Nanotechnology is the ability to comprehend and control materials at the incredibly most diminutive scales, from around 100 nm to the estimations of single atoms; At this Nano scale the properties of these nanosized particles are contrast from the standard medication.


  • Track 5-1 Nanoliposome
  • Track 5-2NanoPharmaceuticals from the bench to Scale up
  • Track 5-3Challenges and advances in Nano Pharmaceuticals
  • Track 5-4Nano Pharmaceutical Industry and Market
  • Track 5-5Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Track 5-6Smart Drug Delivery Technology
  • Track 5-7Drug Delivery Research
  • Track 5-8Pharmacytes
  • Track 5-9Drug Targeting
  • Track 5-10Design of Nanodrugs
  • Track 5-11Future aspects of Nano Pharmaceuticals

Nanochemistry is another subject stressed over the remarkable properties related with get-togethers of particles or atoms on a scale between that of the individual structure squares and the mass material.


  • Track 6-1Nanochemistry in Chemical sensors
  • Track 6-2Neurochemistry
  • Track 6-3Green Nanochemistry
  • Track 6-4Nano pharmaceutical chemistry

The term Nanobiotechnology infers the blend of nanotechnology and science. Future level of nanobiotechnology is getting its most uncommon importance in nano life sciences. Applications in pharmaceuticals and nuclear diagnostics consolidate medicine transport, sedate arranging, steady improvement and amassing. Nanoparticles expect a basic employment in the vehicle of characteristic drugs, which join quality treatment, RNA impedance, cell treatment, immunizations, and antisense therapeutics. The most encouraging utilization of nanobiotechnology is for the difference in upgraded drugs. The mix of diagnostics with therapeutics, refinement of atomic diagnostics, and focused on enduring development anticipate fundamental parts in this application. Finally, the security issues of nanoparticles are talked about including measures to address these. The potential results of nanobiotechnology are surprising.


  • Track 7-1Bioluminescent magnetic nanoparticles
  • Track 7-2Surface modified polystyrene nanoparticles
  • Track 7-3Nano systems
  • Track 7-4Target specific drug delivery
  • Track 7-5Disease diagnosis
  • Track 7-6Nano ink

Graphene was the underlying 2D material to be withdrawn. Graphene and other two-dimensional materials have a not unimportant once-over of remarkable properties that have made it a fascinating issue for extraordinary legitimate research and the improvement of imaginative applications. These furthermore have tremendous potential in their own benefit or in a blend with Graphene. The extraordinary physical properties of Graphene and other 2D materials can both update existing progressions and besides make an extent of new applications. Unadulterated Graphene has a fantastically broad assortment of mechanical, warm and electrical properties. Graphene can moreover fundamentally upgrade the warm conductivity of a material improving warmth dispersal. In applications which require high electrical conductivity Graphene can either be used freely from any other person or as an additional substance to various materials. Without a doubt, even in low obsessions, Graphene can fundamentally improve the limit of electrical charge to stream in a material. Graphene's ability to store electrical imperativeness at high densities is astounding. This property added to its ability to rapidly charge and discharge makes it sensible for imperativeness storing applications.


  • Track 8-1Benefits of 2D Materials
  • Track 8-22D materials beyond Graphene
  • Track 8-32D Topological Materials
  • Track 8-4Chemical functionalization of Graphene

Nanostructured materials might be depicted as those materials whose fundamental sections—groups, crystallites or particles have estimations in the 1 to 100 nm go. The effect in both quick and present day energy for these materials over the previous decade ascends out of the radiant arrangements in key electrical, optical and engaging properties that happen as one improvement from a 'massively broadened' strong to a molecule of material including a countable number of particles. This survey inconspicuous segments late improvement in the blend and examination of practical nanostructured materials, concentrating on the novel size-subordinate physical science and science that outcomes when electrons are confined to Nano scale semiconductor and metal packs and colloids. Carbon-based nanomaterials and nanostructures including fullerenes and nanotubes expect a verifiably certain part in Nano scale science and progression and are thusly depicted in some noteworthiness. Current Nano gadget make methods and the future prospects for nanostructured materials and Nano gadgets.


  • Track 9-1Nanostructures for thin films and coatings
  • Track 9-2Nanostructure applications in petroleum industry
  • Track 9-3Nanostructured Metals
  • Track 9-4Toxicity of nanostructures
  • Track 9-5Synthesis of nanowires and nanorods
  • Track 9-6Nanobiomaterials

Nanoengineering is the act of building on the nanoscale. It gets its name from the nanometre, a unit of estimation equalling one billionth of a meter. Nanoengineering is to a great extent an equivalent word for nanotechnology, yet underscores the building instead of the unadulterated science parts of the field.


  • Track 10-1Branches of nanotechnology
  • Track 10-2Risks of nanotechnology
  • Track 10-3Devices
  • Track 10-4Notable organizations in nanotechnology
  • Track 10-5Applications of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology applications are being investigated right now, tried and now and again effectively connected over the whole extent of nourishment innovation, from farming to sustenance handling, bundling and sustenance supple.


  • Track 11-1Nanotechnology in Agriculture
  • Track 11-2 Nanotechnology in Food Microbiology
  • Track 11-3 Nanotechnology in Food Industry
  • Track 11-4Nanotechnology Research - Agriculture and Food Industry
  • Track 11-5 Nanotechnology and Risk Assessment
  • Track 11-6Regulatory Approaches to Nanotechnology in the Food Industry

Nano gadgets are basic empowering influences that will enable humanity to abuse a definitive innovative capacities of electronic, attractive, mechanical, and natural frameworks. Nano sensors are compound or mechanical sensors that can be utilized to distinguish the nearness of concoction species and nanoparticles, or screen physical parameters, for example, temperature, on the nanoscale.


  • Track 12-1Nano Medical Devices
  • Track 12-2Nano Wires
  • Track 12-3Magnetic Nano Particles
  • Track 12-4System integration, NEMS
  • Track 12-5Optical Nano sensors
  • Track 12-6Biosensor and Bio printing
  • Track 12-7Bio markers
  • Track 12-8Nano biosensors
  • Track 12-9Nano biosensors

Nano robotics is the technology that is used to create machines whose size is in nanometer.Mainly Nano robots are of high significance in the research and development phase. The main purpose of nano robots is to carry out a specific task redundantly and with precision at nano scale dimensions. Nano robots are used in medical field to destroy cancer cells and for other purposes.


  • Track 13-1Swarm Robotics
  • Track 13-2Nano robotics Design and Control
  • Track 13-3Human-Robot Interaction
  • Track 13-4Industrial Robot Automation
  • Track 13-5Medical Robotics

Optics and Lasers in Engineering expects to give a universal medium to the trade of data on the advancement and utilization of optical methods and laser innovation in designing. Accentuation is set on commitments managing the viable utilization of strategies and gadgets, the assessment of results and advancements and improvement of arrangements and new hypothetical establishments for trial techniques.


Malignant growth nanotechnology is a part of nanotechnology worried about the utilization of both nanomaterials, (for example, nanoparticles for tumor imaging or medication conveyance) and nanotechnology draws near, (for example, nanoparticle-based theranostics) to the conclusion and treatment of disease.


  • Track 15-1Chemotherapy
  • Track 15-2Nano materials for cancer diagnosis and therapy
  • Track 15-3Nano theranostics for Cancer
  • Track 15-4RNA Nanotechnology for Cancer treatment
  • Track 15-5Target based drug delivery
  • Track 15-6Nano colloids

Nano science and Molecular Nanotechnology is the new edges of science and advancement in Europe and around the world, working at the size of individual particles. Top scientists and also policymakers by and large approval the points of interest it would pass on to the entire society and economy: an enormous bit of them request the key part research would play in the quality creation system to make exploitable course of action of advancements by the European business provoking a choice of surprising applications, things, markets and profitable salary sources.


  • Track 16-1Liposomes
  • Track 16-2Formulation and Development
  • Track 16-3Drug Development
  • Track 16-4Partnering Opportunities

Neuroengineering centers around the advancement of fake gadgets and novel materials to be practically and fundamentally interfaced with the focal sensory system (CNS). Today, there is the desire that materials science and nanotechnology will most likely address these difficulties and lead to leaps forward at the degree of the interfaces between counterfeit transducers/actuators and living cells. Nanoparticles can infiltrate the BBB of in vitro and in vivo models; and along these lines can be utilized to create analytic devices just as nano-empowered conveyance frameworks that can sidestep the BBB so as to encourage ordinary and novel neurotherapeutic mediations, for example, tranquilize treatment, quality treatment, and tissue recovery.


  • Track 17-1Up-take mechanisms of nanoparticles into brain
  • Track 17-2Advances in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with nanoparticle
  • Track 17-3Advances in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease with nanoparticle
  • Track 17-4Advances in the treatment of huntington disease with nanoparticle
  • Track 17-5Advances in the treatment of vascular dementia disease with nanoparticle
  • Track 17-6Advances in the treatment of lewd body dementia disease with nanoparticle
  • Track 17-7Advances in the treatment of frontotemporal disease with nanoparticle
  • Track 17-8Current and future development

Nano weapons are any military innovation that adventures the quality of nanotechnology in the advanced front line. Nanotechnology has changed the present law, with explicit spotlight on its capacity to deliver more prominent modern, scaled down and custom-made weapons. Higher quality, quality thickness, and intentional thickness would improve an amount of current weapon structures. Smaller, ground-breaking bombs that utilization Nano metals, for example, Nano aluminum to make ultra-high consume rate substance explosives a request of greatness more noteworthy ground-breaking than customary bombs. Such will increment in proficiency of assembling final product in more affordable improvement costs, and thus substantially less costly weapons.


  • Track 18-1Bio-weapons
  • Track 18-2Nano-thermite
  • Track 18-3 Water Bullets

Today, nanotechnology has made advances into about each industry, from biotech to mechanical gathering. In addition, the engines zone is researching nanotech too to make vehicles that are shinier, increasingly secure, and greater imperativeness gas effective. Wear-safe tires, auto our bodies created the utilization of lighter yet extra grounded Nano materials, and better downsized computerized structures confirmation upgraded engine capability and fuel usage. The key center is on weight breaking point to embellish mileage. Overriding glass home windows with polymers and utilizing exceptional, rust-proof, Nano-manufactured thermoplastic materials as a substitute than commonplace steel suspension parts are late advances here. Basically, nanoparticles are being used to toughen tires and chop down opposition, close by these follows saving fuel.


  • Track 19-1Nano-Treatments for Automotive Textiles
  • Track 19-2Windows and Wipers
  • Track 19-3Nanoparticle Fillers for Tyres
  • Track 19-4Nano-Enhanced Adhesives
  • Track 19-5Scratch-Resistant and Dirt-Resistant Paints


Nanotechnology is, no uncertainty used on the other hand perceived to use over a number demands centered will give cleaner, a more prominent sum compelling imperativeness supplies Furthermore use. Same time Numerous from asserting these arrangements probably won't impact essentialness transmission legitimately, each need those probability to diminish those prerequisite to those power, oil distillate fuel, then again trademark gas that may for the most part be traveled through imperativeness transmission ROWs. That is just a glimpse of something larger compelling essentialness period and use (and those resulting diminished have with transmit imperativeness again long separations) may decreasing the measure from guaranteeing development, upkeep, fix, What's all the more decommissioning activities along the ROWs that may for the most part make required on meet extended essentialness demands.



  • Track 20-1 Heating
  • Track 20-2Transportation
  • Track 20-3 Renewable energy
  • Track 20-4Vitality storage
  • Track 20-5Fuel cells
  • Track 20-6control Chips

Tissue building is the utilization of a gathering of cells, designing and materials strategies, and incredible biochemical and physicochemical variables to extend or change natural tissues. Tissue designing incorporates the utilization of a framework for the appearance of dynamic possible tissue for a restorative assurance. While it was once when portrayed as a sub-field of biomaterials, having created in degree and hugeness and it tends to be viewed as a territory in its own.


  • Track 21-1Tissue Engineering
  • Track 21-2Applications of Nanotechnology in Stem Cell Research
  • Track 21-3 Nano biotechnology: From Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering to Cancer Research
  • Track 21-4 Regulation on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products/ Tissue Engineering.

Nano hardware may assemble the capability of devices while we decrease their weight and power use. Improving show screens on equipment contraptions. This incorporates augmenting the thickness of memory chips, improving the nature of screens. Experts are working up a kind of memory chip with a normal thickness of one terabyte of memory for each square inch or increasingly unmistakable. Decreasing the proportion of transistors used as a piece of fused circuits. One authority believes it may be conceivable to "put the force of most of the present PCs in the palm of your hand". Nanophotonics is the examination of the bearing of light on the nanometer scale, and of the relationship of nanometers-scale objects with light.


  • Track 22-1Nano transistors and nanowires
  • Track 22-2Nanoelectronic devices
  • Track 22-3Photonic & plasmonic nanomaterials
  • Track 22-4Quantum nano-optics
  • Track 22-5Memory chip that uses carbon nanotubes
  • Track 22-6Copper Nano particles
  • Track 22-7Nano electronics applications

Those entire development the spot nanomaterials impact humanity's wellbeing, through prescription, dentistry, beautifying agents, sustenance Also farming, need been surveyed. That social protection business is liable to pills What's more prescription notwithstanding movement systems to ailment control additionally pushing ahead the individual fulfillment for a total. New medication systems with controlled entry could make made using Nano designing, and the transport from guaranteeing prescriptions under those human body is extensively improved Toward misusing Nano scale impacts for example Conveying the polar whole of pills major will patients grants lessening the measure from guaranteeing meds and the influence of pollution since those excess might be every now and again all the released in the environment. New treatments which abuse Nano scale fasteners will bring branches under those cosmetician ventures, which will have the limit with abuse those creative works essential for the full abuse from asserting nanomaterials on social protection.


Transistors, the basic switches that engage each and every piece propelled figuring, bring gotten humbler Also tinier through nanotechnology. At those change of the century, a normal transistor may have been 130 on 250 Nano meters over measure. Secured close by 2014, Intel made a 14 Nano meter transistor, at that point IBM made those essential seven Nano meter transistor secured nearby 2015, and whatnot Lawrence Berkeley national lab showed a one Nano meter transistor secured nearby 2016! Littler, quicker, and better transistors may suggest that a little while later your PC's entire memory may make set away around a solitary little chip.


The fate of nanotechnology has been a subject of various legitimate and non-logical speculations, consolidating a couple of doomsday dreams in popular culture that foreseen self-reproducing nanoparticles taking an interest in tremendous strikes on mankind and nature. The further developed dreams of nanotechnology fuse on one hand the envisioned usage of nano-particles inside the body and the course framework (for decisive and accommodating purposes), and afterward again – potential improvement of new weapons of mass obliteration enabled by nanotechnology.


  • Track 25-1Light-Seeking Synthetic Nano robot
  • Track 25-2Super-powered bionic plants
  • Track 25-3Other potential innovative ideas
  • Track 25-4Nanomedicine for improved HIV drug therapies