Research Contribution and Achievement


  • Outstanding Researcher
  • The most experienced scientist and speakers associated with Nano science and Technology will be eligible for this honourable award. The most outstanding involvement will be awarded with this award. The one who’s vision and determinations has great power and lasting influence in Nanotechnology will be awarded. Recognition will be given to those who have gone extra miles and played vital role in Nanotechnology and Qualification is enhanced by the level and number of contributions, excellence, dedication, and tenure of services with a minimum 15 years of experience.


  • Best Discovery
  • This award identifies all professional and assistant professionals with 10 years or above experience in the field of Nanotechnology and Nano engineering and have non-stop commitment in progressing the profession and ability to maintain relationship with colleagues and students by communicating and responding to their needs.


  • Young Scientists
  • This award seeks Graduate students, Junior and senior young researches those who are engaging themselves in the development of nanotechnology and Nano chemistry. The applicant must be enrolled as a full-time student as defined by his or her academic institution during the course of the award. Based upon academic record, presentations, publications, related projects and related work experience the person is judged and awarded.


  • Best Speaker
  • This award is to distinguish woman who have been instigating in expansion and has a great influence and excellence and who are highly experienced in the stream of Nanotechnology. Women those who are creative and potential impact are considered to deserve this award. All the woman participants in Nanotechnology conference 2020 are eligible for this award.


  • Best YRF
  •  This award seeks to recognise speakers who will give an outstanding contribution to Nanotechnology conference. This award will be given to those who have attended conferences, meetings and have done publications along with 10 years or beyond experience related to Nano biotechnology Nano medicines and any topic related to nanotechnology .All professionals, students, scientist and young researches taking part as plenary speaker in Nanotechnology 2020.


  • Best Poster
  • The best keynote lecture shall be identified and appreciated through the award .The criteria for considering this award is the participant should be a highly affiliated researches, scientist and researcher in the field of nanotechnology with minimum 20 years of experience.